Virtual Concierge Services

We attach great importance to the fact that our Guests appreciate first and foremost the quality of our Home and hospitality, but also that they appreciate Lisbon, whose climate and beauty are the main assets.


We advise you,

José, our driver who owns his own company of cars with drivers. Parking in the fashionable districts of Lisbon is very difficult or simply impossible. José leads us into our car, but his are not outdone. Depending on the destination you choose, it is 100% electric sedans, 4X4 or Mercedes Break. This service is obviously more expensive than an honest taxi (there are some) but you have no surprises and no waiting. José or one of his employees takes you in the lobby of the airport. He will carry your luggage and you do not have to worry about the time you will be going to get to the house, address or to inform us of your arrival. The driver calls us a few minutes before arriving so that we've been expecting you. From the airport this service is charged 25 euros tips and tax included. In the direction of return, from the house to the airport you will be charged 20 euros. We obviously recommend Jose for your visits to Cascais or Sintra. Its prices are fixed or at the price of 20 euros per hour. You are directly billed by him.

UBER Excellent service, but not all UBER cars are equipped with electronic pass allowing to enter for historical areas. If you do not want to finish by wearing your luggage for 220 meters from the Cathedral or to take the stairs to the Rua de Santarem which is the parallel down below to the Rua Sao Joao da Praça, check with the driver UBER.
Attention if you order UBER in front of the cathedral. Due to the work in the neighborhood the drivers often take a longer time than expected in the application

MISCELLANEOUS VEHICLES Near the house you have several renters of motorcycles, mopeds, electric cars, mini cars with audio guides, as well as segways.

We advise against,

to use a car in Lisbon because you will not be able to access the historic areas like ours, closed by blocks; You will not be able to park it in fashionable places. Moreover parking is expensive ... If you find a parking meter place you will have to feed it every two hours. If you do not pay your money, you are likely to have a hoof (150 euros). If you want to come by car, go directly to the long-term parking 'Chao Do Loureiro' located in Calçada Marquès Tancos, about 500 m walk from the house. The price for 24 hours is 20 €.

TAXIS. A lot of taxis from the airport charge anything or take you around Lisbon and its suburbs. In fact, we practically no longer use taxis. Make sure that the meter is switched on and not switched off before arrival ... Always ask for an invoice.
TARIFF of taxis (which respect their tariffs).
Daytime charge € 3.25, night and weekends € 3.90. If the meter works well (...) the fare does not change until the vehicle has traveled 1.7 kms. In fact, count between 9 and 11 € one way to or from the airport + 1.60 € for your luggage. If we call you a taxi to take you from home to the airport in general it adds 0,80 €.

METRO From 6:00 to 0:30 or 01:00 depending on the station. Nearest stations: Terreiro do Paço (Praça do Comércio) 6 minutes walk, San Apolonia (San Apolonia Station) an 8-minutes walk away.


AEROBUS line to and from the airport. Place du Commerce stop. From there you need about 7 minutes to come on foot.

TRAMWAY 28 (Cathedral stop) to go around the city

TRAMWAY 25 (Praça do Comercio) to go to BELEM

 Eating, going out


It is highly recommended - in Lisbon as elsewhere - to check travelers' opinions about restaurants and places of outings. We invite you to click on this link which takes you to the page of our recommended restaurants, where we visit regularly. We have classified them by distance from the house. We go there often or very often. We add new addresses from time to time to be given to us by our Guests or friends. We check every time. You can download this page on your smartphone and dispose of it when you come to reside with us.

> Click to go to our list of recommended restaurants

Barrio Alto

We love to go to this famous area of Lisbon which - on foot - is about fifteen minutes away from the house, this place lives from Tuesday to Saturday evenings. The 'good plan' if you arrived the same day is Take a nap until 9 pm You then go to the restaurant around 9.30 pm and then at 11 pm you head to the Barrio, where you will find almost everything you can imagine, except for the children : Gay bars, lesbian bars, straight bars, clubs of all kinds, wine bars, tattooists, tacky boutiques, trendy boutiques, chic boutiques, ... a very joyful mix to savor if you are a night owl. And ends at sunrise.Not danger, except to slip on an empty bottle in addition to the permanent risk of slipping on the charming (but dangerous) stones ('calcada') that cover the sidewalks of the city

Night life
Apart from Barrio Alto which remains the main place of exits, several 'night clubs' are prized by the 'golden' youth of Lisbon.

Click on the link > Recommended night clubs


Lisbon can be visited for its own sake. Destroyed on 1 November 1755 by an earthquake followed by a tsunami, the buildings of the city center were mainly rebuilt between 1756 and the 1830s in the 'Pombalien' style, in homage to the Marquis de Pombal Who supervised the rebuilding of the city until 1778, when it was replaced by (the world is small) ... the Marquis of Angeja. This style is in the purest Neo-Classical style as the fashion wanted then in Paris, the lighthouse town of the 18th century. One of the best examples is the 'Baixa' district (the 'Lower Town'). We are here in the first 'modern' city to have been built, and one can think that it inspired the creators of New York City. However, few museums are to be visited in Lisbon. Click below to access the 'Essentials' list ...

Recommanded GUIDES

Miss Claire Baudoin

Mr Elliott