Some history...

From the windows on the street of the Palacete one discovers a very curious building called 'Palacete Chafariz del Rei' which literally means 'Little Palace of the King's Fountain'. This edifice, built in the style of many villas still found on the banks of the Channel and the North Sea (in France and Belgium), is at least a strange one in Lisbon. Built in 1907 on the quay side, it overlooks the fountain of the same name, rebuilt as for it in 1756 in the purest Neo-Classical style.

It was in 1517 that King D. Manuel delivered to Lopo de Albuquerque, the ancestor of the Marquis of Angeja, a building permit at this place, which was then a few cables from the water and which overlooked the public fountain. The Angeja Palace collapsed during the earthquake of November 1, 1755, and finally the Marquis renounced to rebuild it there, probably because of the fact that it was aware that the ground was no longer stable. If it is known that the Marquis of Angeja succeeded the most famous Marquis of Pombal (who oversaw the reconstruction of Lisbon, giving up his surname to a style: the 'Pombalian style'), one can therefore assume that He was an informed man, why he did not rebuild his palace. We do not know if something was rebuilt there after the earthquake, or if the land remained 'vague' as it still exists today! What is certain is that the current building in front of our Palacete was still in good condition in the 1950s, and was still inhabited in the late 1990s.
Before its restoration (in July 2015), the building was sinking into the ground ... Its original construction dates back to the last quarter of the 19th century, its only architectural interest residing in its typical ogive windows Of the fashion of then, called 'Style Troubadour' which raged from the years 1840 to 1880 in the north of Europe. About the Palacete Chafariz de El Rei itself, a report of works (processo de obra no. 15011, page 9) of 1909, drawn up by the architectural commission of the city of Lisbon, reveals that its construction Had been made without authorization in 1907.

Formerly known as the 'Palácio das Ratas' (Palace of the Rats), the city archives testify to the opinion of the commission responsible for legalizing the current construction. ' (...) fazendo votos para que venha também a desaparecer o extravagante chalet que o requerente mandou construir sem licença e com a oposição da Câmara, por cima do chafariz e que constitui uma das notas de mais detestável mau gosto que ofende a estética de Lisboa.'
In addition the judgment is without appeal, calling 'chalet' this extravagant building , built by its owner without authorization and againts the advice of the City Council, the most detestable bad taste, insulting the aesthetics of Lisbon. However, the Building permit was still validated, and nowadats many tourists rave about it!

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