Palacete AngejaBehind the Red Door

Built by the Marquis of Angeja in 1758, then property of the Counts Bobonne from the 1830s, the 'Palacete Angeja' and its Patio became again a family home. Whether you want to rent a single room, a suite, an apartment or why not the entire Palacete, you will always feel at home here. Family house with ultra-contemporary comfort;
Town house with a small garden, 'Behind the Red Door', a rarity, an oasis in the historic heart of Lisbon;
Country house with flowers that grow on terraces, its sensual and rosy terra cottages where it is sweet to walk barefoot;
Beach house from where one can see the boats pass;
House of culture where novels and art books are at hand,
Welcome to us, you are at home ...

Classified in GRAND LUXE, LUXE and SUPERIOR categories we offer 1 apartment, 2 suites and 3 rooms:

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Surrounded by the Roman Wall which protected the ancient 'Lisbon' from the barbarian invasions (visible from behind the Red Door that leads to the Patio), the Palacete is located in the heart of the historic center, right in the heart of Lisbon. By the spring of 2018, the exceptional developments on the banks of the Tagus River - from Cais do Sodré to San Apolonia - will be completed, making the Sé district the most beautiful place in Lisbon. The Palacete is located on Sao Joao da Praca Street. This street with an aristocratic atmosphere runs along the Lisbon Cathedral (Sé) on its right flank and ends at the gate of Alfama where the charming alleys become popular, where shops of another age and souvenirs, Fado and trendy restaurants. On the other side of the Cathedral, you are less than 100m from Baixa (the lower town), the area itself overlooked in the South by the chic Chiado district and its luxury shops and to the West by the Castle Sao Jorge (called Castelo). Since the Palacete d'Angeja you can practically visit on foot all that it is essential to discover in Lisbon. The famous and unmistakable Tramway '28' which makes the tour of the city stops in front of the Cathedral, located to 250 m. It is therefore one of the best places in the city to radiate in the historic Lisbon and live a few days in.